About the Journal

Meta: Journal of Science and Technological Education exclusively publishes original manuscripts. Each paper should be unpublished or under consideration elsewhere when it is uploaded. Any inconvenience is solely the responsibility of the writers. The online feature should be used to upload all papers. This method allows authors to keep track of their writings. The writers waive and transfer all copyrights to the paper when their submissions are approved. The writers, on the other hand, are responsible for the legal and ethical aspects of the texts. Before beginning the peer-review process, all papers are subjected to an editorial evaluation. When papers fail to meet the journal's reviewing requirements, they are returned to the writers.

Since META: Journal of Science and Technological Education currently accepts articles in English, writers who are not native English speakers must have their manuscripts checked by a native English speaker before submitting them. All articles submitted for review must be clear of linguistic mistakes and prepared in strict accordance with the most recent edition of the APA style, and they must not have been submitted to any of journal reviewers for assessment; consequently, they will not be selected for publishing. It is entirely the author's obligation to follow the guidelines and inspect for any mistakes. When articles comply with author guidelines, they are submitted to at least two reviewers. The corresponding editor makes the ultimate judgment based on the remarks of the referees. Following approval, the writers are emailed a pdf copy of the paper for proofreading. Minor revisions to the texts may be required by the writers. They then have 72 hours to resubmit this revision to the editing board.